Enforcer V11

Latest version of the Enforcer with a maximum of 66 zones and on-board Wi-Fi.

Programming Manuals

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi now built onboard the main PCB
  • HomeControlHUB and AndroidTablet compatible
  • Selectable supervision per zone
  • Occupancy detector zone attribute and timers
  • Digital WPS button for quick WIFI setup
  • Inbuilt proximity reader (set/unset with tag)

SIA DC09 Information

Please note:

For the SIA DC09 IP signalling protocol to operate correctly, the equipment installed must be the following firmware versions or later:
• Enforcer control panel (with onboard Wi-Fi) – V11.3
• Wi-Fi communication module* – V5.11
• WI-Fi communication module with external antenna* – V5.11
• GPRS communication module – V4.21
• LAN communication module – V1.50
*If the WIFI or WIFI/XA modules are used in the Enforcer V11, the Android Tablet is no longer able to communicate with the onboard Wi-Fi and therefore cannot be use


Areas 4 Arming devices (max): 8
1x onboard keypad
3x wired keypads or internal/external proximity readers.
4x wireless keypads
4x tablets using HomeControlHUB application
Wireless zones (max) 64
32x zones on board (zones 1-32)
1x wireless expander (zones 35-66)
Sirens: 2 wireless sirens or 2 wired sirens (in SCB mode)
Wired zones (max) 34
2x zones on I/O board (zones 33-34)
4x wired expanders (zones 35-66)
Logs: 750
Total zones 66 Remote arm and soak test
Outputs (max): 38
3x outputs on I/O board
1x output module
4 on each wired expander
1 on each wired keypad
Event signalling to UDL
User/Manager codes: 80
(Max 32 x wireless keyfobs)
Memory type EEPROM
Duress/Guard codes: 2 EN grade 2
Code combinations: 4294967295 (fully encrypted rolling code) Environmental class II
Communications: Additional to the on-board Wi-Fi module